CSUF President Framroze Virjee

Dear Titan Family:

First and foremost, I want to congratulate and thank all of you for the collaborative work that led to the many shared accomplishments during the life and time of the first five-year (2013-2018) strategic plan in our university’s history. In those five years, we achieved a 32% improvement in six-year graduation rates and an 82% improvement in four-year graduation rates for first-time freshmen; we erased the equity gap for transfer students and made tremendous strides in decreasing it for first-time freshmen; and we nearly tripled annual gift commitments to our university to help ensure the future success of our students.

As most of you know, I could spend the next five years “sharing” all of our achievements from the last five years – and have a blast doing it, too. As tempting as that is, in the interest of continuing our momentum (and in light of our first strategic plan having drawn to a close), I now have the honor of revealing our next five-year (2018-2023) strategic plan along with the updated mission statement and values that were the touchstone for its creation.

Before I do that, however, I want to both acknowledge and honor the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and everyone in and around our campus community who made this day possible. That list is so vast, but suffice to say, literally thousands of Titans — faculty, staff, students, and alumni — from every college and division participated in the creation of what you are about to read. That is what makes our new university-wide strategic plan exactly that – ours and university-wide.

The end result of all that collaborative work is equal parts ambitious and pragmatic; grounded by the challenges facing today’s CSU and replete with evidence that we, as a Titan Family, are committed not just to adapting to these realities, but bending them in ways that cement our legacy and enhance our reputation. Indeed, for the next five years, this plan is our North Star, and we are going to implement it in the same way it was created: collaboratively, collegially, and cooperatively.

To that end, I am confident and hopeful you will see yourself throughout this plan, along with various opportunities to engage in the strategies that will help make it a success. Moving forward, the senior leadership team will be reaching out to various constituencies across the university to facilitate campus-wide involvement and accountability as we align our plan to our budgeting process, and breathe life into its four commitments.

As that process unfolds, so too will the many ways in which Cal State Fullerton is fast becoming a widely recognized University of Significance where academic excellence and diversity — in all of its forms — leads to transformation of self and society.

Today is merely another step, albeit a big one, in that visionary direction. Make no mistake, it has been a wonderful journey to this point, but it is the road ahead that is most promising.

And that road, like all Titan roads for the next five years, begins here, with our next five-year Strategic Plan (2018-2023).


Fram Virjee