2018-2023 Stategic Plan


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Dear Titan Family:

Long before my arrival in January, I, along with everyone else at the Chancellor’s Office and across the CSU, felt the energy radiating from Cal State Fullerton. As you all know, much of that energy stems from our five-year Strategic Plan (2013-2018) and your collaborative efforts to breathe life into its four goals, giving our students — and the institution itself — an undeniable head of steam and a new aphorism to live by: Titans Reach Higher.

In order to build upon that momentum, our next five-year Strategic Plan (2018-2023) must be equal parts ambitious and pragmatic; grounded by the challenges facing today’s CSU and replete with evidence that we, as a campus community, are committed to adapting to these realities in ways that enhance our role as a national model of equity, inclusion, and academic excellence.

I want to thank the Strategic Plan Steering Committee (SPSC) and everyone across the campus community for working collaboratively to create a plan in which every Titan sees their concerns addressed, work highlighted, and aspirations articulated. The SPSC’s efforts —and your contribution to them — have created draft goals and objectives now available at this Qualtrics link, and I encourage you to provide your input. In addition to the group and individual feedback provided via this link, a variety of cross-campus consultative groups will also be contributing their input through March 23, 2018.

Through this ongoing and collaborative process, I am confident we will create, finalize, and implement a new five-year Strategic Plan (2018-2023) that elevates our aspiration to match our ever-growing needs and potential. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor and all that you do to empower our students to continue to Reach Higher.


Fram Virjee