Our Commitment to a Transformational Titan Experience

Provide a transformative educational experience and environment for all students.

Titan students are immeasurably enriched by immersive experiences and a robust array of services that support
their well-being, provide a sense of belonging, and promote academic success. The many benefits from this institutional commitment — enhanced learning, retention, confidence, and affinity for the university — ensure
Titan graduates are well prepared to excel in the workforce or in further education.


  • Develop and broaden nationally recognized signature elements of the Titan experience.
  • Ensure all undergraduate students participate in at least three high-impact curricular or co-curricular experiences.
  • Support and implement models that build increased cultural competencies.
  • Develop and implement a model of comprehensive student health and well-being support services.
  • Enhance the model of the Titan Experience, including student participation in events, student pride, and connection to the university.


  1. Identify, develop, and highlight university signature programs that provide a transformative experience for students.
  2. Develop and expand inter/multidisciplinary curricular programs.
  3. Scale and institutionalize culturally responsive curricular/cocurricular High Impact Practices (HIPs).
  4. Enhance global competencies through increased access to and participation in immersive learning experiences, including those focused on internationalization and home and study abroad.
  5. Create, enhance, and communicate programs and policies to narrow gaps in basic student health and well-being.
  6. Enhance strategic enrollment management to increase outreach to underrepresented student populations.
  7. Increase existing outreach with community partners and alumni to connect faculty, students, and staff.
  8. Increase on-campus student employment, internships, and professional development opportunities.
  9. Expand faculty-student mentoring opportunities, particularly during the last year of the undergraduate experience.