Our Commitment to Faculty and Staff Diversity and Success

Recruit and retain high-quality and diverse faculty and staff.

We value the abundant depth and breadth of diversity of our campus, and recognize the profound power gained from learning amid, supporting, and celebrating the multitude of backgrounds and perspectives here. Key to our success as an institution is elevating and infusing equity-minded practices in all that we do. We must also continue to recognize and uplift the vibrancy of our faculty and staff, as our students grow and achieve in an environment that is as diverse as they are.


  • Assess the university climate and establish benchmarks for faculty and staff safety and sense of belonging.
  • Establish and implement benchmarks to increase faculty and staff retention.
  • Increase the number of tenured or tenure-track faculty, with concentrated attention to those from historically underrepresented groups, and report annually.
  • Increase the number of full-time staff with concentrated attention to historically underrepresented groups and report annually.
  • Assess, adjust, and enhance the effectiveness of current programs to support faculty teaching, scholarly
    and creative activities, and service.


  1. Conduct campus climate surveys and aggregate data on a regular basis. Report findings to the campus community.
  2. Incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in all assessment and annual goals for divisions, colleges, departments, and programs.
  3. Develop, support, and promote an inclusive campus culture for the professional success of historically underrepresented staff and faculty.
  4. Develop and enhance campuswide data-driven recruitment processes.
  5. Build and support programs that enhance a sense of belonging and community.
  6. Establish diversity programming, education, and strategies throughout the recruitment and hiring cycle that promote the recruitment of diverse faculty and staff.
  7. Develop and implement leadership training for faculty and staff professional development.
  8. Diversify and grow opportunities to promote faculty teaching, scholarly and creative activities, and support services to enhance the professional lives of faculty.