Our Commitment to Our Learning Environment and Legacy

Expand and strengthen our financial and physical capacity.

In direct service to the educational mission of the university, we seek to maximize revenue opportunities and philanthropic investment in the institution, while also ensuring that our physical spaces best support and promote
our learning environment and the evolving needs of the Titan community.


  • Complete the institution’s first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign.
  • Complete the creation of a comprehensive campus physical master plan that provides the framework for future development of the campus physical environment as of 2020.
  • Complete the planned renovation of McCarthy Hall, Pollak Library, College Park, Titan Hall, athletic facilities, the promenade, and other buildings and facilities as needed, including the creation of spaces and places for communities of gathering and convening.
  • Expand the university’s self-support and entrepreneurial activities.


  1. Align appropriate resources to create capacity and build infrastructure to meet the goals of the comprehensive fundraising campaign.
  2. Build greater alumni affinity for the institution and strengthen alumni advocacy and financial support.
  3. Embrace marketing communications as a core university function that supports the long-term advancement of the institution.
  4. Foster universitywide community engagement efforts that develop a deep, meaningful CSUF presence throughout Orange County.
  5. Implement routine multistage research and tracking of post-graduation employment, further study, satisfaction with the CSUF experience, perceptions of degree equity, and other appropriate metrics to advance the mission of the university.
  6. Complete the final draft of the Campus Master Plan in February 2020 for approval and adoption by June 30, 2020.
  7. Enlist the concurrent support of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) consultant to monitor and anticipate any environmental impacts of the recommended Campus Master Plan projects both to expedite plan approval and to ensure a sustainable campus.
  8. Incorporate formal milestone meetings with key stakeholders in any major construction and renovation schedule to improve communication, stakeholder satisfaction, and timely completion of projects.
  9. Increase connectivity with alumni to promote ambassadorship for awareness, advocacy, and contributions.
  10. Define an overall university goal for revenue from self-support/entrepreneurial activities.
  11. Develop appropriate financial models and business plans in each self-support/entrepreneurial program to realize net revenue targets.