Goal 3


Recruit and retain a high-quality and diverse faculty and staff.

CSUF aims to become a model of faculty and staff inclusivity, diversity and engagement in order to better serve our diverse student population. To this end we will develop a Diversity Action Plan to cultivate an environment that honors differences in various forms – race, ethnicity, gender, age, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs and status within the University. We will also develop effective processes and procedures to support recruitment, hiring, and retention, and increase professional and leadership development opportunities available across career stages.


  • Assess the campus climate and utilize results to identify and implement retention and engagement strategies.
  • Implement effective and systematic faculty and staff recruitment and retention programs.
  • Align CSUF faculty demographics with national pools of appropriately qualified applicants.
  • Provide additional training programs and increase opportunities for professional development available to post-tenure faculty and staff to promote career advancement.


  1. Create and implement a Diversity Action Plan to improve recruitment and retention and to foster an inclusive environment.
  2. Enhance professional and leadership development opportunities to better support retention and engagement throughout all career stages.