Goal 4


Increase revenue through fundraising, entrepreneurial activities, grants, and contracts.

In an environment of decreasing resources, CSUF seeks to increase funds available to the entire campus community. Stabilizing our finances and securing revenue sources will allow us to invest in the success of our University, our students and our communities. Increasing alumni and community engagement is essential and will position the University to be more effective in meeting its mission. We recognize such efforts must be integrated, collaborative, innovative and purposeful.


  • Increase overall philanthropic giving to at least $15 million yearly in order to be in the top third of our CSU Peer Group.
  • Increase by 25% overall grant and contracts revenue generated through Principal Investigator applications.
  • Implement support mechanisms and incentive programs to increase entrepreneurial activities at CSUF, such that revenues generated by those activities increase by 50% over the life of the plan.
  • Increase communications and stakeholder engagement by 50% over the 2011-2012 baseline.


  1. Implement a comprehensive development plan with an established baseline that moves the University toward its desired position in terms of stakeholder engagement and fundraising.
  2. Provide resources, enhance infrastructure, develop support systems and provide incentives necessary to increase faculty and staff engagement in fundraising, entrepreneurial activities, grants and contracts.
  3. Enhance the University’s external relationships by informing and educating external stakeholders about the impact of CSUF and our students on the region.