Campus Feedback


Dear Colleagues:

On March 15, I sent an email to all faculty, staff, and students thanking them and the Strategic Plan Steering Committee (SPSC) for the collaborative work that led to the first draft set of goals and objectives for our next five-year strategic plan (2018-2023). In that same email, I shared a link to the draft and strongly encouraged all in our campus community to provide feedback, either via the Strategic Planning website or as a participant in one of the many cross-campus consultative groups.

Today, I am pleased to share that the input received was as robust as it was insightful, and I, along with the SPSC, am encouraged by the passion with which the campus community is engaged in this collaborative process. Given the depth and value of the insight provided on the draft goals along with all the feedback received throughout this collaborative process, the SPSC will take the next few weeks to not only review and discuss the input, but also address suggestions and incorporate emerging themes. SPSC anticipates the next draft goals and objectives will be available for dissemination to campus in late April, at which time your input will once again be both solicited and encouraged.

I want to thank the SPSC and all faculty, staff, and students who continue to remain actively engaged throughout the planning process. Together, I am confident we will create and implement a new five-year strategic plan that will empower all Titans to Reach Higher and position the university for even greater success.

Fram Virjee


September 2018 Feedback Results

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Qualitative AnalysisPDF File