Goal 1


Develop and maintain a curricular and co-curricular environment that prepares students for participation in a global society and is responsive to workforce needs.

CSUF aims to provide innovative, high-quality programs and services that offer students broad educational experiences, facilitate lifelong habits of intellectual inquiry and prepare them for successful careers. We recognize that achieving these aims requires comprehensive and coordinated advising and actively engaging students in the learning process. A robust program of assessment will allow us to demonstrate student learning, document student achievement and be accountable to ourselves and to our stakeholders.


  • Implement a sustainable University-wide assessment process that includes curricular and co-curricular components.
  • Ensure that at least 75% of CSUF students participate in an advising system that integrates academic, career and personal development components.
  • Increase by 25% the number of CSUF students participating in international, service learning, internship, community engagement or other innovative instructional experiences that prepare students for professional endeavors in a global society.



  1. Execute an assessment process that builds upon existing efforts, incorporates recently approved University Learning Outcomes, provides resources and training, supports program accreditation and emphasizes the use of assessment to improve student learning.
  2. Institute a mandatory advisement requirement in addition to New/Transfer Student Orientation for all CSUF students.
  3. Provide training and resources needed for campus units involved in advisement services and ensure a point of common access to information regarding individual academic, career and personal development plans.
  4. Identify, expand and provide resources to curricular and co-curricular programs that advance students' recognition of roles they play in an interdependent global community.
  5. Provide resources for programs that increase student participation in activities and services that link degree, career and community.