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Fullerton Forward


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CSUF Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Fullerton Forward, Cal State Fullerton’s 2024-2029 Strategic Plan, is developed collaboratively by the broad Titan community to set forth a thoughtful and aspirational roadmap for the University.  This strategic plan distinguishes Cal State Fullerton as a model institution and amplifies our impact in communities. Recognizing the historical systemic and institutional barriers, the strategic plan aims to empower our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners to pursue creative and varied practices, approaches, and modalities that support the diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences of all in the Titan community.  The University as a whole, including each of its divisions and colleges, will engage in consultation and collaboration, commit resources and support, and embrace innovation and change in pursuit of the strategic plan goals.  Together, we will move Fullerton Forward.

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Cal State Fullerton transforms lives through innovative and quality education, research, and creative activities. We inspire all members of the Titan community to engage in their lifelong pursuit of critical inquiry and social justice; to become catalysts for equity and inclusivity; and to advance the intellectual, cultural, and economic growth of Orange County and beyond.



Cal State Fullerton will serve as a model public university that cultivates leaders who drive innovation, systemic change, and collective well-being in local and global communities.



  • Student Success: We adopt a holistic and inclusive approach to student academic and professional success, preparing our students to address workforce demands, community needs, and social justice challenges.
  • Faculty and Staff Success: We nurture an inclusive workplace culture where all faculty and staff are valued, respected, and supported to grow personally and professionally.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We affirm and elevate our rich diversity, respect and learn from each other’s perspectives, and build a community that promotes equity-minded practices and a sense of belonging.
  • Scholarly and Creative Activities: We cultivate a mindset of discovery and collaborative exchange of ideas, elevating the strengths and addressing the challenges of our communities through innovative research, scholarship, and creative activities.
  • Shared Governance: We adhere to integrity and ethics, uphold consultation and equity of participation, and embrace collaboration, accountability, and transparency in all endeavors.
  • Civic and Community Engagement: We inspire all Titans to be informed, responsible, and engaged community members and advocates who promote social justice and strengthen the local and global communities we serve.


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Goal 1: Enhance Support for Student Access, Learning, and Academic Success

Expand access to higher education for traditional and non-traditional learners, enrich learning experiences through diverse and innovative academic offerings, and enhance support services and infrastructure to ensure student retention and graduation, as well as their mastery of the knowledge and skills needed to reach professional and personal goals.


1.1. Access: Expand flexible pathways to reach and attract diverse learners to access our academic offerings.

1.2. Learning Experiences: Provide equitable, engaging, and innovative learning experiences to foster students’ ability to apply the knowledge, skills, and cultural awareness gained through their academic programs.

1.3. Academic Support: Ensure equitable, innovative, and comprehensive academic support to guide students throughout their academic and career pathways.

Goal 1: Strategies & Progress Indicators 

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Goal 2: Foster Student Engagement and Well-Being

Support student engagement and holistic growth in an inclusive campus environment, cultivate a sense of belonging for all students of diverse backgrounds that include undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate, credential, and non-degree students, and provide comprehensive resources to support their mental health, physical wellness, and financial and basic needs.


2.1. Student Engagement and Titan Pride: Enhance student engagement opportunities and experiences to foster “Titan Pride.”

2.2. Mental Health and Physical Wellness: Strengthen proactive, responsive, and innovative approaches to improving student mental health and physical wellness.

2.3. Financial and Basic Needs: Revitalize financial and basic needs support to enhance student success.

Goal 2: Strategies & Progress Indicators 

Goal 3: Recruit, Develop, and Retain High-Quality and Diverse Faculty and Staff

Recruit, develop, and retain diverse faculty and staff by supporting professional and personal growth.


3.1. Recruitment and Diversity: Increase the number and diversity of faculty and staff through effective and equitable recruitment strategies, with concentrated attention to those from historically underrepresented communities.

3.2. Inclusion, Belonging, and Accountability: Establish a campus climate that fosters faculty and staff inclusion and belonging, free of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and other conducts of concern.

3.3. Retention and Professional Growth: Support faculty and staff growth through strengthened professional development.

Goal 3 Strategies & Progress Indicators 

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Goal 4: Expand and Strengthen Physical and Financial Capacity and Community Relations

Augment revenue opportunities and philanthropic investment for the university, and create innovative use of our limited physical spaces to best support student learning and the evolving needs of the broader Titan community.


4.1. Campus Beautification, Maintenance, and Accessibility: Continue campus modernization to build a safe, beautiful, and sustainable campus environment.

4.2. Financial Capacity and Culture of Philanthropy: Enhance financial capacity, budgetary accountability, and philanthropic investment.

4.3. Externally Funded Research and Scholarly Activities: Increase externally funded research and scholarly activities.

4.4. Alumni and Community Relations: Strengthen the reciprocal relationships amongst the university, alumni, and communities.

Goal 4 Strategies & Progress Indicators 

Goal 5: Innovate and Improve Campus Operations

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of campus operations through adoption of best practices and cultivation of a culture of innovation.


5.1. Process Modernization: Modernize institutional processes to reduce bureaucratic complexity, encourage innovation, and foster collaboration and resource-sharing.

5.2. Data-Informed Decision Making: Deepen a culture of outcome-oriented assessment and data-informed decision making.

5.3. Technological Innovation: Update technological infrastructure and support to meet the evolving needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Goal 5 Strategies & Progress Indicators 

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