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2018-2023 Strategic Plan

Overview  |  Goal 1  |  Goal 2  |  Goal 3  |  Goal 4  |  Progress Report  |  Final Report Highlights  |  Final Report


Developed collaboratively by the Titan Family, this strategic plan presents a thoughtful yet ambitious road map for addressing our most compelling opportunities and enhancing our most successful endeavors. The plan is wholly in support of our educational mission, reaffirms our position as a first-choice institution, celebrates our far-reaching impact as a university of significance, and further empowers all Titans — faculty, staff, students, and alumni — to Reach Higher. With this plan, we collectively commit ourselves to its goals and objectives, all in pursuit of our fundamental mission.


California State University, Fullerton enriches the lives of students and inspires them to thrive in a global environment. We cultivate lifelong habits of scholarly inquiry, critical and creative thinking, dynamic inclusivity, and social responsibility. Rooted in the strength of our diversity and immersive experiences, we embolden Titans to become intellectual, community, and economic leaders who shape the future.


Student success: We educate confident, innovative, and culturally competent Titans who continuously adapt to meet and exceed new workforce demands, social justice challenges, and community service opportunities.

Scholarly and creative activities: We cultivate and promote the collaborative exchange of ideas through rigorous academic and creative activities.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: We commit to our rich diversity by increasing culturally proficient and equity-minded practices across all campus communities.

Civic engagement: We encourage free expression, both as a right and a responsibility, and aim to inspire all Titans to be informed, active, and engaged citizens.

Collegial governance: We embrace inclusivity, consultation, collaboration, and transparency to bring all Titans into the deliberative process that shapes our communities, challenges our beliefs, and addresses the needs of a diverse global society.

Integrity: We act from a foundation of ethical principles and through the cultivation of strong character.

Service to the region: We provide a place and space for the region’s current and future leaders to grow and develop in ways that inspire them to better serve our communities.